Recruitment company for paid amateur porn stars from around the UK, with filming in our London & Surrey Studios

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UK Amateur Porn Star Recruitment

The Studios

We are Amateur Porn Movie Producers with Film Studios in Central London and a converted barn film Studio in Banstead, Surrey.  All our initial interviews are in our London office .

When shooting in Surrey free transport is available on the day of filming to the studio from our London office or from any of the train stations near the studio if that is more convenient for you.  E.g. Gatwick and Epson.

All films we produce are for the private market (not the Internet) and can only be rented, not purchased.  So they are only available to a select audience, mostly abroad.

Our studio features various customisable film sets, plus as we are in private and secluded grounds we can also do outside shoots when the weather permits.

Our all female camera crew are highly professional and can direct even the most camera shy people to act like a professional porn star would do on a film set.

If you are still not sure, our voyeur service is available for those of you who would like to see what goes on before diving in and making your own movie.  Most of the people who come to do this end up "having a go" the next time around as the whole experience is one of tremendous fun, laughs and great sex.

And remember we pay all our actors and actress on the day of filming, our current rates of pay are Females £160 hour, Males £40 hour, Gay Males £60 hour.  With a typical days filming taking four hours that's not bad money just to have great sex with other like-minded people, and if you like it enough to progress to the professional Porn Star circuit you could end up earning a lot more.

Staring in a porn movie is one of the top ten fantasies for both men and women, we have made it happen for a whole lot of them...  You could you be next?

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