Recruitment company for paid amateur porn stars from around the UK, with filming in our London & Surrey Studios

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UK Amateur Porn Star Recruitment

Welcome to UP 4 IT UK, we are a UK Based Amateur porn movie producer providing all paid work for males and females looking to get into the Amateur porn movie business for profit and for fun. All films we produce are for the private hotel and DVD market and are not available on the Internet. Providing a safe and confidential setting for all our actors and actresses to work in.

We produce the following types of films

  Straight shoots

  Bisexual Shoots

  Gay shoots   

  Lesbian Shoots   

  BDSM shoots   

  All Things Fetish   


  Couples & Personal Movies  

All our films feature totally amateur males and females looking to make some money in the porn movie market, either as a one off venture or as a stepping stone into the world of adult movies. No previous experience is required.

Paid work

As there is a huge demand for our movies we can afford to pay above the industry standard for all our amateur performers. A typical movies shoot takes about 4 hours and we currently pay the following rates

 Females £160 hour

 Males £40 hour

 Gay Shoots £60 hour


For voyeurs and budding film directors, camera men and women we also offer you the option of coming to the studio to watch a film being made. We will charge a small fee for this but it's a great way to see how these films are mode.

Confidentiality & Discretion

None of our films are made available anywhere on the Internet. At the moment they can only be rented for viewing in private high class hotels in the UK and abroad and as such they represent a safe and discrete environment in which to have some fun and make money in the adult movie industry.

Please note this is not a scam as we do not ask for any money from you. We make our money by renting out the films we make to hotels, here and abroad.

We pay each and everyone of our performers because we need them to star in our films for us. You can rest assured it's a great days filming and you'll get paid on the day.

Just probably one of the best
porn star jobs in London you will ever have...

Future Professional Work = Big money and celebrity status

If you are serious about pursuing a lucrative career as a porn star and want to get noticed by the major porn producers then this is the perfect place to start.

Most people just send them a few photos and a description of themselves but they receive dozens of these every day.

But after filming with us you get a copy of each film you star in and you can use that to send to the film producers. Which we know they prefer, as it gets to show you can perform in front of a camera and exactly what potential you have.

Right now the major porn producers are desperate for new talent and have been calling us for recommendations about people we have filmed in our studios.

These days established porn stars achieve celebrity status in the adult industry and can earn big money from guest appearances at adult trade shows to the promotion of adult related products.

Please now take a look at the Types of Movies page to see the sort of movies we do and which ones you would like to star in.

Please ensure you read all the information so you know exactly what it is we do and the sort of fun you can expect during your movie shoot.

Custom built film sets in London & surrey

All female camera crew

Shoot personal movies for your eyes only

Private indoor and outdoor shoots

All Paid Work

Professional film sets

Totally confidential

All female camera crew - except Gay shoots

Free transport to / from film Studio

All films produced for private markets not the Internet

Having just acquired an additional new contract, with a major hotel chain, we are currently desperate for new performers. So if you apply now, you are definitely going to get your chance to work with us, because we really now need every new talent we can find.